G-6ES2QKVMRE Earthstock Summit

August 19 - 25, 2024

"A Regenerative Event for Full Spectrum Change"

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Earthstock EcoSpiritual Summit

Rejuvenate your spirit in Nature

Learn Traditional Knowledge

Engage in Roundtable Discussions

Weave together with visionaries

Co-Create with Others

Midwife Collaborative Potential

Participate in Ceremony

Enjoy World Class Performers and Art

Heal your body and soul

Generate Valuable Connections

Architect the New Paradigm 

The Earthstock Summit is a gathering of Indigenous, religious and spiritual leaders, regenerative design and sustainability experts, cutting edge innovators, solutionaries, musicians, artists, healers and global regenerative projects.

The intention is to gather, educate, network and synergize the most prolific voices in their fields; to connect these various individuals and communities and build a bridge to a collaborative, coherent, sustainable and unified world.

Earthstock connections and developments will be implemented on many levels. Foremost is reconciliation of the past and divisive differences, agreement to work together and utilize non violent communication of needs and resources.

Earthstock will assist and accelerate the germination of a positive, sustainable future. We are focused primarily on solutions, not just discourse and content. This event will be broadcast globally on several platforms.

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The Earthstock Summit is a 7-day event focused on projects, solutions and individuals actualizing regenerative change.

The main event will be in Crestone, Colorado, USA. This event will be broadcast on RegenMedia TV and several other online platforms.

The Summit will also have daily satellite events from around the world that will be streamed.

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